M Kamal

Famous Sindhi Poet, Sindhi Ghazal, Drama Novelist



Mulchand Bindrani, pen name M. Kamal was born on 8th Aug, 1925 in the Nawabshah district of Sindh Province and migrated to India during Partition. With a literary career spanning over half a century, he was honored with the prestigious National award, Sahitya Akademi Award by Govt. of India in 1989. He has written over 40 dramas and over 700 poems/ghazals. In his writings, he has always tried to depict the realities of life and given a new look to the poetic expression. His work has been translated in 3 languages, Hindi, English and Marathi. Also, his specialisation in one-act plays led him to establish a sindhi school of drama named Mehran Kala Manch where has directed few of his plays and trained Sindhi artists. He left for Heavenly abode on 3-Feb-2010. M. Kamal (Mulchand Bindrani) was a multi-faceted personality. Being a renowned Sindhi poet and Dramatist, he is cherished globally in the Sindhi literature community. His recognition went beyond vernacular, with his work being translated in 3 languages namely Hindi, English & Marathi and was also conceded as a literary critic of his time.

Sindhi Poetry

  1. Nind Ain Jagh
  2. Jhuriyal Jeeo
  3. Gharandhar Barf Ja Naksh
  4. Roshan Rahoon
  5. Punjah Ghazal
  6. Baah-Ja-Waris
  7. Meranjhiro Thak
  8. Soch Ja Pachha
  9. Ujayal Laheer
  10. Shmiyal Sham
  11. Sojhro Sham Jo
  12. Bini Pase Bahiyoon
  13. Manu Mure Hi Natho
  14. Aakhree Dham
  15. Likayal Jagha
  16. Hik Baraat
  17. Lakhariyal Laat
  18. Choond Ghazal
  19. Bas Gano Thiyo

Sindhi Drama

  1. Municipal Councillor
  2. Natak
  3. Machis Kithe Aahe
  4. Khoto Sikko
  5. Khush Khabri
  6. All India Police Station
  7. Fram me Marhiyal Shaksh


Posthumous Publications

  1. Inheritors of Fire (Baah-Ja-Waris, a Sahitya Akademi winner book translated by Dr. Vinod H. Asudani)
  2. Budhijeevi (Collection of Experimental Dramas translated by Dr. Santosh Motwani)
  3. Agneepath (Collection of Sindhi Poetry & Ghazals translated by Smt. Geeta Bindrani)
  4. M. Kamal (Contribution to Sindhi Literature by Dr. Jagdish Lachhani)

Ritu m karamchandani
31-Oct-2021 08:27 am
Great poet n a nice human being

Kamlesh jaisinghani
31-Oct-2021 12:45 am
Great poet M KAMAL SIR. we had his poem in std tenth or ninth. Such great poet will never reborn. Forget sindhi literature. Sinfhi language is lost in darkness. We sindhi people are talking in hindi with our children . Our children dont know sindhi language/sindhi values. Which is really shame on our part.

Bunty chimnani
31-Oct-2021 12:13 am
I proud that I am sindhi

Devidas Lalwani
30-Oct-2021 11:41 pm
Great poet

Geeta Bindrani
30-Oct-2021 09:37 pm
Great poet.

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